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So a dynasty covers at least five seasons, has no more than one sub-.500 year, no more than two non-winning years, no more than six seasons without a championship appearance, and never went five consecutive seasons without a championship appearance.
For the stuff I have bold, 7-9 and below would be the sub-.500 a non winning year that is seperate from that an 8-8 year?

Very good write up, Brad. One thing I'm wondering is if any of those ten remaining teams had a sub-.500 season and whether or not removing that season would move the rankings any.

Anyway, that's not the main thing I wanted to bring up, just a personal thing I might take a look at.

European soccer, UEFA or whatever, has a rankings system for soccer clubs from around the World. They call it club coefficients or something along those lines. Different finishes in your league or if you place well in a particular European Tournament affects how you rank and what not.

Applying something like that and blending all those aspects, win % regular and postseason, Conference Title wins and Super Bowl wins could make for a very interesting survey. Just a way to maybe further seperate teams.

Anyway, it was a very interesting read.
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