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I'll take Dallas in the '90s over this current New England bunch any day of the week.

First off, in the one year of the four they didn't win the Super Bowl, the Cowboys reached the Final Four, losing at San Francisco in the 1994 NFC championship game; by contrast, the 2002 Patriots didn't even make the playoffs.

Also, in the year before their three-out-of-four run commenced, the Cowboys were an Elite Eight team, losing to the Lions on the road in the 1991 divisional playoffs - and did this despite playing the (in those days) notoriously difficult fourth-place schedule (for teams that played in a five-team division, as Dallas did at that time) during the regular season; the 2000 Patriots, conversely, finished 5-11 and last in the AFC East, meaning that they got to play the ridiculously easy fifth-place schedule in 2001, the year their "dynasty" began.

Finally, as Louis Roussel - trainer of Risen Star, who won the 1988 Belmont Stakes by 14 lengths - observed: "Champions don't win by noses and necks. Champions dominate their competition." The '90s Cowboys won their three Super Bowls by 35, 17 and 10 points - the current Patriots won theirs by 3, 3 and 3.

Case closed.

(Awesome article overall though, Brad).

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