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Finally carved out enough awake/unbusy time to read this thoroughly.

Good stuff. I don't know if there's much ground to cover.

Today on local sports radio, the Pats and the word dynasty are a topic of discussion, as folks are sick and tired of talking steroids.

A caller noted that he had trouble calling his favorite team's run over the last four years a dynasty for an interesting reason: too much personnel turnover.

While the hosts tried to knock this down by repeating the names Brady and Bruschi over and over again, it's an interesting point. It wouldn't really apply to the Browns, who lived too long not to have significant turnover through the years, but I think it's reasonable to suggest, since we don't have a firm definition of the term dynasty (for the record, five years, imo--only humble--and not all the time--in Brad's presence, does not a dynasty make), that part of being a dynasty is having recognizable characters to which to tie them. Guys to which you can point and say "among the best of that time at their position." Overall, Bradshaw was a very good QB, but, especially late in the dynasty, he was (imo) great, and obviously among the best QBs going. Harris was one of the best RBs. Not the best (I'm not a historian by any stretch, so I don't know where among his peers he actually is off the top of my head), but one of the best of the day. Lambert and Ham are among the best ever at their positions. Yadda, yadda.

One of the problems with that, I suppose, is that you have to be an historian to deal with the older teams on this level.

78--We know the Cowher breakdown from 92-97. We don't need Brad to provide us his well-manufactured tables (how damn much time does it take to get that all properly aligned, anyway?) to show us Cowher's numbers of choke....

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