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- Jake has become the new Jake, but I gotta believe Belichick has something planned to rattle him bad into the old. Cory Dillon will either show up or not - if not, Kevin Faulk will step up as he always does. Bruschi is still a "Q" mark. NE will have to try to contain Denver's running game and force Jake to be the lone playmaker.

- Don't forget Steve Smith - he always comes up big when he needs to. I really looking forward to this game... all defense is what I'm expecting. Even if Chicago shuts down Carolina's run game early, I'm still trying to figure out how Chicago will score? Bears may be the better team on paper, but I think their inexperience will come back to burn them.

- The more I thik about Skins/Seattle, the more I'm leaning your way BDS. You make a good point about the Skins "D" being on the field for a long time. Unless they score like they did against Tampa it'll be a long day for them.

- Indy looks like the easy choice. Starting 13-0 and beating up everyone. I can't remember who said it, but "watch out for Pitt. They are a #6 seed with no pressure. Everytime they get in the playoffs they are #2, or #1 and they lose. This time, they are expected to lose at #6. So becareful..." Anyway, that said - Indy prob still wins. But I still think its a close one. If Ben does not make any mistakes and keeps his cool, they could walk out with an upset.
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