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Seattle over Washington in a landslide
Broncos over the Pats
Indy over the Steelers
Chicago over Carolina

DEN vs. NE I would like to see the Broncos kill the Pats. Hopefuly John Lynch can have a good game like he did a coulp weeks ago. Be nice to see him pick off a pass and get a sack.

IND vs. PIT I would like to see Jerome Bettis get to go to the Superbowl in his hometown but i dont think that is gunna happen. But i dont think the Steelers are gunna show up and get dominated. The have the running game to rule the game.

CHI vs. CAR This is gunna be a close one but i think the Bears defense should shut down the Panthers offence. As for Rex Grossman i think he will do fine. He might make some mistakes but the bears defence should keep them in it.
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