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I love doublee. I really do.
However, let's all make sure we're not regurgitating bad stats from ESPN when we're talking about these games and such.

Had doublee simply noted that the "can't lose a rematch" stat refers ONLY to Belichick's NE years, he'd be fine.
His Browns years (better than you remember, btw), this was not true. The Brownies lost to the Steelers in the ... I think it was 93 playoffs. Mighta been '94.

I respect Belichick. I think he's the best strategist coach going today. But, the mythic way in which he's treated by the media (esp., up here) does get a little grating. I'm still rooting for the Pats on Saturday.
I don't care what happens in that game, though, so long as the Steelers can pounce on early and then hold down the Colts. A tough order, but certainly doable.
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