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Default Just to clear up some things ....

In case you didn't understand completely (Nick), it doesn't matter if anybody else has it. You have to answer it correctly for that round to stay in the game, that's all. You got it right, meaning you're still in till next time. (Wasn't sure if you were confused about it or not.)

Marc is correct.
Lee is correct.
Patrick is correct.
Nick is correct.
Rick is correct.
Wedge is correct.

The answer, as you all know, is Jason Giambi (see, I told you I'd start easy).

Also, like last challenge (funny, cause last challenge Jared "would" have won had we had the challenge and had he been in it), those not in the game anymore may also play for no credit. That being so, Ross is correct.

Since everybody has gotten the Round One question correct, I will start round two early (yet give extra time to make up for anybody possibly not being here since we didn't expect everyone to get answers this quick).
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