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Marc will become famous soon enough

I love Mark Cuban.

I read his wonderful blog ( and he pretty much has (to quote Noon) the life every fan-boy dreams about.

I love Mark Cuban because he is passionate. Outspoken. Ballsy. Wants to fight "the man," i.e. the league and Stern. And look what he has done for the Mavs. From doormat to championship team. He's a fabulous owner and by all accounts I've read, a wonderful guy (i.e. the opposite of Trump, who is self-obsessed and formal).

While Cuban does obsess over officiating and takes it too far, he has some valid points. Officiating is too inconsistent in this league from game to game. But why hate on the guy who is a true fan, rather than the disconnected typical owner hiding away in his box seat?

Funny that you're calling him the loser, yet you're the one registering on a website just to diss the guy. Get over it, Dallas lost, so revel in it.
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