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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Marino 13,
It's so refreshing to see people like you. (people who actually question)

The funny thing is most people will write this off as either quincidence (sp?) or just "crazy liberals" making things up. They would never take the time to read into this and look at these things with an open mind.
Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I can't tell at all. I really can't say. It is too unclear for me. But I would trust your judgement.
Not to comment on any specifics of theories here, but this struck me as.....wrong? off? Why is it you want people to question the government CK, question any witnesses who's stories agree with the given explaination, yet you're perfectly willing to trust eman about this?

I'm neither trying to disprove any of your points nor questioning the validity of what eman posted. I just wonder why you seem to disbelieve the given explaination and evidence so vehemently on the one hand (and want others to do the same) and yet accept so quickly on the other.

For all I know you and eman are close friends and you have first-hand knowledge of his expertise and impartiality. Just struck me as inconsistant.
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