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I hadn't watched the video before that last post, just to be clear

Having watched it's very hard to say much. Could it have been a plane? Yes. It doesn't LOOK like a plane, but honestly it just looks like some unidentified white object to me. I don't even see a shadow so can't try and use that as a determination. It could be just the nose of a plane, the entire plane so blurred from speed that you can't see it's shape, I just don't know. Feel like a ref in the nfl watching the video, going back, play, pause.....going back, play,

I would point out that at about 1:35 of the video, a car drives by a bit away from the camera, which might be useful as a perspective tool. Don't know if it will in anyway help identify what hit the building, just thought I'd point it out for those of you with better eyes than me
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