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Originally Posted by boston_aloha View Post
Yeah, the WR's play a huge part - but Brady has proven that you don't always need them to win a SB, or two, or three
But now that he has them... wow - look out!
And Manning has proven that the WR's wont win you a SB either. Lets face it, once you get to the playoffs, your defense wins you the games. Sure, the QB's play a bigger part than the rest of the offense, and the QB's can even lose you the game, but the defense is what wins it. Brady has been great at making decisions and not screwing things up, and thats really what makes a great QB.

This year though, Brady isnt making as great as decisions as he has in the past. Many times hes throwing into double and triple coverage trying to get the ball to Moss, and its Moss bailing him out rather then Brady being so great. Moss is just a spectacular player and when the ball is close to him, 99 times out of 100 hes probably going to end up with the ball.
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