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Originally Posted by coachJ View Post
This year though, Brady isnt making as great as decisions as he has in the past. Many times hes throwing into double and triple coverage trying to get the ball to Moss, and its Moss bailing him out rather then Brady being so great. Moss is just a spectacular player and when the ball is close to him, 99 times out of 100 hes probably going to end up with the ball.
Coach, I agree with most of what you said, but let me stop you right there and comment on this ^.

Brady IS making great decisions throwing into that kind of coverage with Moss because he knows Moss will come down with it. He has 27 TD's and 2 (let me repeat that, TWO) INT's. Brady is the FIRST person to tell you (in his post game interviews) that he is just throwing it up there and Moss is coming down with it. He's been quoted as saying "that's not me, that all Randy Moss". Brady could never do that before, he had to thread the needle and be very careful when throwing to guys like Cauldwell, Gaffney and Brown. But now he can just toss it up there and Randy Moss does the rest.
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