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The Stats Are Out

Rocball has two “Master Blasters” this year, Val Taisakan of the Islanders and Eugene Solomon of team Evenflow. Both Val and Eugene have scored at least once of the five categories that separate a side-out system of scoring from rallypoint.

To earn the title of “Master Blaster” a player has to score at least one each of the two point serve called an ace, the two point serve called a xunk, the two point backcourt score called a kee, the three point goal, and the most difficult, the one point “jam”. The jam is a play where a receiving team player can knock down or jam a served ball just as it crosses over the net.

Myron Laniyo of No-Mercy is the season’s heavy hitter. Myron has scored 13 aces, 2 xunks, 29 kees, and 5 goals for 103 points not counting his kills, dinks, and court point scoring. Myron is last year’s MVP and “Master Blaster” but has yet to score a jam.

Myron Laniyo’s 29 kees is the leader in backcourt scoring and is tied with Ichnis Kapwich of team No-Use at 5 goals each. J.R. Gechig and Eugene Solomon of team Evenflow are tied for scoring 16 aces each. And, J.J. Neth and Julius Saito of the team called the Try-Outs are tied at scoring 3 xunks each.

In team statistics, Evenflow has scored 68 aces, the Try-Outs’ scored 10 xunks and is the best in the league for that kind of serve, team Evenflow is the best backcourt scoring team with 73 kees, and team No-Use leads in the 3 point scoring category with 12 goals.

And, even though team Evenflow came in 4th place for the semi-finals, they scored the heaviest with 68 aces, 6 xunks, 1 jam, 73 kees, and 8 goals for 318 points. The second best heavy hitting team was No Mercy with 56 aces, 4 xunks, 64 kees, and 10 goals for 278 points. No-Use came in third with 36 aces, 8 xunks, 69 kees, and 12 goals for 262 points. And, team Try-Outs in their first year playing Rocball came in fourth place with 60 aces, 10 xunks, 40 kees, and 7 goals for 241 points.
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