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No-Use Advances & Try-Outs defeat Evenflow

No-Use is the first team to clinch a spot for the Rocball Championship title by juicing-out No Mercy in four sets 72 – 64. With no quarter time breaks and no half time rest, the game was completed in about 50 minutes. In a similar contest between the Try-Outs and Evenflow, in a game that took about 45 minutes to play, the Try-Outs won their first game against Evenflow to tie up their semi-final series at one game each.

The Try-Outs and Evenflow played the first game on Saturday night. The Try-Outs came on strong in the first set and beat down Evenflow 23 to 13. Evenflow came back in sets two and three at a 21 – 18 and 22 – 10 to take the lead in game points 56 to 51.

In order to win the game, the Try-Outs had to score the difference of the score after three sets of play plus one point, or by a margin no less than 6 points. All Evenflow had to do to win the game, was to win the fourth set by any margin.

But, team Try-Outs started the game with strength and they overpowered Evenflow in the fourth set with a 14-point margin at 22 to 8. The win was the first victory the Try-Outs have had against Evenflow in the four times they have matched up to play one another this season.

No Mercy was the only team during regular season to defeat No-Use and spoiled team No-Use’s undefeated record in the regular season of play. On Saturday night, No-Use crushed No-Mercy’s hopes of advancing into the championship series of play.

In the first two sets, No-Use and No-Mercy flip-flopped their scores and started the third set tied at 36 point each. No-Use won the first set 21 – 15 and No-Mercy came back and won the second set 21 – 15.

In the third set, No-Use spiked, killed, dinked, and backcourt scored without mercy to win the third set against No-Mercy 21 – 7. No-Mercy had two options in order to win the game by the end of set four. They would have had to win the fourth set by 15 points to win the game or win the fourth set by any margin less than 15 to block No-Use from juicing-out, and forcing the game into overtime.

But! No-Use chose neither of those options for a chance to advance intogames for Rocball’s World Championship title. No-Use liked the way the third set ended so much they came out and defeated No-Mercy by the same score 21 – 7 and ended No-Mercy’s bid to make it to the finals.

On Feb. 2nd at 6:30 pm, the Try-Outs and Evenflow will play their last game of the semi-finals. The winner of that game will advance to the championship games and face off against No-Use in the best of five games, at 25 point sets, in Rocball quarter/set system of play for the world title for Micronesia's indigenous sport.
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