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Evenflow does it the Hard-Way

The final two teams to face off for the world championship of Micronesia’s indigenous sport will be No-Use and Evenflow. No-Use eliminated No-Mercy last week in the semi-finals best of three in a two game sweep. And, Evenflow finished off the Try-Outs in double overtime in their third game of the semi-finals to qualify for the world series of Rocball.

In the final game between Evenflow and the Try-Outs, it was a game of come from behind action that best describes the competition of their team’s final game. The Try-Outs came on strong and won the first set 23 – 10. Evenflow came back in the second set with a 15 – 6 lead and then lost the set 21 – 20. In the third set, Evenflow came out slamming and spiking with a 17 – 2 point lead and blew it by losing that set 22 – 19.

At the end of the third set, the Try-Outs were leading in game points 66 to 49. To win the game and advance to the championship series, all the Try-Outs had to do was win the fourth set. Evenflow was in a much more serious situation. In order for Evenflow to win the game they needed to win the fourth set by an 18 point margin. And, in a 21 point set, that was highly unlikely to happen.

Evenflow needed to win the fourth set if they wanted any chance to make it out of the semi-finals. Evenflow needed to block the Try-outs from juicing-out. That meant that Evenflow needed to win the fourth set at any margin to force the game into overtime. Because, in Rocball’s quarter/set system of play, the team with the most game points scored, has to win the fourth quarter/set of play to win the game.

In the fourth set, Evenflow and the Try-Outs played point for point for the first 9 points. The Try-Outs shanked a serve at point 9 and sub scored to point 8. Evenflow jump all over Try-Out’s bad serve and took the lead with 16 – 8 before the Try-Outs were able to get the serve back.

The Try-Outs scored up to point 10 before losing the serve again. Evenflow scored a backcourt kee for two points off the Try-Outs serve and that brought them from 19 points to set point 21. But, in Rocball, only the team in service has closure. So, Evenflow then served for the set point, but the Try-Outs scored a point off their serve and won the serve back.

At this point, Evenflow had 21 points and the Try-Outs had 11 points and the serve. The Try-Outs shanked the serve, lost a point, and lost the serve to Evenflow at set point. Evenflow served, scored a point, and won the set but not the game. And, the Try-Outs lost the set but not the game.

By winning the fourth set, Evenflow forced the game into overtime but were still at a disadvantage. The Try-Outs only needed to win one overtime set to win the game. Team Evenflow had to win two overtime sets to win the game. In Rocball’s quarter/set system, an overtime set can be won at ten points or a goal, whichever comes first. And, Evenflow, the best overtime winning team in the league, won both sets to win the game and advance to the finals.

Next Saturday, N0-Mercy and the Try-Outs will play for third and fourth position titles of the Rocball season and teams No-Use and Evenflow will play their first game of the best of five series for Rocball’s exclusive World Championship title.
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