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Actually, I'd have no problem being lumped in with Doug (though I'm not sure he'd say the same about me ).
Got no problem with that.

Doug and Tarkus just had a 2-page debate on scrutinizing elected officials and the importance of voting during which Doug announced he couldn't even remember who he voted for in 2004.

I mean...either a troll technique of sorts or no credibility.
Of the two, I mean I'm certainly OK with "no credibility" if someone comes to that conclusion. Might be futile to defend myself, but...

Is it really that big of a deal if I don't remember who I voted for in a Primary that was already decided? My thought process on both was absolutely the same. That doesn't mean I think both candidates are the same and if I could pick one to absolutely make President I wouldn't pick Sharpton and would at least consider Kucinich. That wasn't really the point, though. The primary had been decided and through the process the thing I liked about both compared to Edwards, Kerry, Dean and the like was that those two candidates talked a bit more about other issues than just the war.

My assumption for why I can't remember is that only one of them was on the ballot and that that's what made my decision for me.
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