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He has never pitched well in Philly so why would you bet your season that he would come through for you last night?
Because he is the better pitcher by a significant margin. I'd rather roll the dice on a pitcher who has struggled against a team in a small sample size against that team than a pitcher who you know is a weaker pitcher.

I get what you are saying about Padilla but up until last night he had been their best pitcher this post season and had given them two strong starts while Kershaw gave them one solid start against the Cards and not much in his second start against the Phils.
Again, I think this helps support what I'm saying. Looking at it like this...

Is Padilla pitching really well normal? It's absolutely not. You thank him for what he gave you and try to move on before he hurts you. With Kershaw, you're right about what he did up until this point, but he's got it in him to be really good, you need to go with your best guys sometimes and this was that moment.

The not pitching Billingsley was the more egregious error, though.
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