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soccer - forward and fullback... mainly fullback though because i was a speedy(not a brag either) player on my teams so i could cut off the defender if he got by someone or even still have a chance if he got by me... and forward because i was able to use my speed to my advantage in getting break away shots... 10 years of this...

hockey - goalie or center... i was the starting goalie in one league, and in another i was the back-up so i usually played center for that one...

baseball- outfielder and 3rd base... usually outfield though, i didn't even like the outfield but got stuck there anyways lol...

basketball... i was a point guard... too small to do anything else

track - 800, mile, 2 mile and next year in college i'll be doing the 10k
"All our lives are lies, and when it's conscious, we'll all be dead."
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