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Couple of things about this game scream blowout, to me, anyway.

The Eagles played a tougher (at the time) team than Tampa did to get here. Let's face it, Atlanta didn't have to sweat quite as much as SF, had some momentum, and were playing much better D than the Niners coming into this past weekend. The Niners were DOA in Tampa.

Don't let last week confuse you: Tampa's offense stinks. Brad Johnson is a solid quarterback, but has no running game to alleviate the blitzing that the Eagles like to do. They'll come for him, they'll crush him, and then they'll be playing Shaun King. The Eagles secondary matches up so well with Tampa's sluggish receivers that the receivers may as well not exist. Remember, Bobby Taylor cut his professional cover teeth blanketing Michael Irvin to the point of insignificance in several games. The Eagles may not have the NFL's best defense, but when matched with the plodding, poorly protected Tampa offense, you don't have to be the best. You merely need to execute, and Philly hasn't failed to execute all that often this year.

Also, other side of the ball: for all of Tampa's defensive greatness, and their ability to confuse and swallow whole the "magnificent" Mike Vick, they have no solution to Donovan "Mystery" McNabb. For all their speed and strength, McNabb generally burns them every way imaginable. Chalk a lot of this up to superior coaching. As great an assistant as Monte Kiffin is, Andy Reid is better. Which is why Monte Kiffin remains an assistant, and Reid is a head coach.

Eagles 34 Bucs 14

Hey, at least I have them scoring touchdowns against the Eagles...

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