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Pop band: Duran Duran. Definitely Duran Duran. I just wish that these guys would just shove off, now, though.

Metal: Can we count Spinal Tap? Please?? Failing that, I'll go with Bon Jovi, since it was allowed. Oh, my brothers' fave was Ratt. I like them too. They wrote like three pieces of music and came up with ten sets of lyrics to it. Awesome!

1-Hit Wonders: I know Simple Minds had a following in other places, but did they have an American hit that was even remotely in the same ball park as "Don't You (Forget About Me?)" from the Breakfast Club?
I didn't think so.
At the end of the decade, I'm pretty sure that's my favorite song of the entire ten years, with "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor a distant second.

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