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I understand the thought process behind the performance based pay for teachers, but I don't know how much I see it working in practice. I just don't know how the determination of good and bad gets made. I mean, we've seen determinations like that with No Child Left Behind and that's been fairly disastrous. Teachers affect students in many different ways. If it's going to happen, I do like the concept of peer review being included, rather than just rigid reliance on testing.

Overall, the need to expand charter schools and other experimentation type stuff just doesn't really strike me as a good way to go. We've had charter schools, vouchers, for a while now and what have we really seen? Charter Schools for profit especially seem to be troublesome in terms of the results of being successful with students. Vouchers is a huge other mess, that absolutely would be one thing where I would not vote for a candidate is where they supported vouchers.

It all just seems like methods to cut corners, take shortcuts or put bandaids over problems that people don't want to deal with.
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