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Originally Posted by Montrovant View Post
Er, wait....Reid won't run on third down? Didn't he just recently get *****ed at for trying to run on third- and fourth-and-short and failing?

Which is exactly one of the points I made when I sent her an e-mail critiquing the column - while at the same time pointing out that since Reid is also heavily involved in player-personnel decisions, this situation is still largely his fault; specifically, I cited the Eagles drafting Ryan Moats in 2005 when Brandon Jacobs was still on the board as the key blunder here (I also pointed out the pattern of stubbornness displayed by Reid in these matters, including the never-ending search for a big-play receiver that ended only with the drafting of DeSean Jackson, and Reid and Jim Johnson's adamant refusal to get bigger defensive linemen, particularly tackles).

In addition, I also mentioned that the tie is actually all but as good as a win for the Eagles, because now their 0-3 division record won't come into play.

Otherwise, it's an awesome article, and I told her so.
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