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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
Because LenDale White and Jones-Drew are both 2nd round picks still playing out their rookie contracts and Chris Johnson is a late first rounder. We all know unless you go at the very top of the draft your base salary is not terribly high until you get to that second contract.

Well where's the Eagles 2nd-round change-of-pace runner? Or even 7th-round for that matter? And if I'm overlooking Tony Hunt, didn't Reid overlook him too?

Fat Boy simply doesn't think a power running game is important. It's pure denial - and I'm not talkin' about a river in Egypt.

Size may not be an issue with him but keeping his head out of his rear does seem to be. He drops too many balls and seems to just zone out at times out there. He has a good rookie season he just needs to dedicate himself to becoming an elite player. When he does that he will be downright scary out there.

Good rookie season? He's on pace to get 68 catches for 1,017 yards. Talk about damning with faint praise!

And if you want a receiver who doesn't "drop too many balls," you can have Joe Jurevicius or Drew Bennett.

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