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I think the notion if of getting a 'power' back is rather moot right now no matter who the coach is as I don't think their o-line is good enough to pull it off. Those plays that Reid was roundly criticized for failed in large part due to ineffective blocking up front. If memory serves the RB had no real daylight to run to and was met in the backfield.

The Eagles running game has gone from 4.7 yards per carry to 4.0 yards per carry this due in large part to William Thomas and Jon Runyan being past their prime and not having anyone good enough to beat them out for their jobs just yet. It also has not helped that Shawn Andrews has barely played this year.

I am not saying I expect Jackson to catch every ball thrown his way but it bothers me that he drops a lot passes that he should be catching. And there have been games where he has completely disappeared at times and you would not even know he was in the game. I just think with a bit more dedication and concentration on his craft he put numbers akin to a guy like Steve Smith who had similar knocks on him about being too small and dropping too many balls when he first came into the league. But Smith had the drive to want to be better and be an elite player and I am just not sure I see the same in Jackson just yet. Jackson has the ability to catch 80-85 balls for 1,300 yards a season. Jackson is probably the best option they have right now but I would just like to see more out of him than what he has done thus far.
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