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Rocball News:

In Rocball news, there were several games completed last week. The Fanians defeated the CPC in four sets with a juice out win 66 to 59 and No-Mercy won their Thursday game by juicing out the Islanders in four sets 60 to 45.

The Fanians defeated CPC in every set 15 to 4, 10 to 17, 16 to 8 and 16 to 10. The heavy hitter of this game was Typhoon Saito of the Fanians with four aces and three kees for 14 points. In the game between No-Mercy and the Islanders Myron Laniyo of No-Mercy with three aces, three xunks, eight kees, and one goal for 31 points. But, for No-Mercy, Jason Limes has scored the final kill, last point/s in all of No-Mercy’s victories so far.

In the game between No-Mercy and the Islanders, there were 10 aces, 5 xunks, 13 kees, and 1 goal scored: An aces is a two point serve, a xunk is an optional two point serve where a team can add two points to their score or subtract two points from their opponent’s score, a kee is a two point backcourt play made by either team’s goalie, and a goal is a three point play made by any player who hits a ball into their opponent’s goal.

On Saturday, there were three games played. The Islanders were able to juice-out the Soul Rebels 53 to 43 in a game where the teams won two sets each. The Soul Rebels won sets two and three and the Islanders came from behind after losing the third set to outscore the Soul Rebels 17 to 3 and win the game 53 to 43. The heavy hitter of this game was Tito Francisco of the Islanders with four aces, 1 xunk, and one kee for 12 points, and teammate Jerry Saures scored two goals in support of the Islanders victory.

In the second game of the week for both No-Mercy and CPC, No-Mercy juiced-out CPC in four sets 671 to 52. No-Mercy won the first set 18 to 10; CPC won the second and third sets 17 to 10 and 18 to 17. No-Mercy came back and won the fourth set and was able to juice-out with a win by with Jason Limes scoring the game winning point again. Myron Laniyo was again the games heavy hitter with three aces, three xunks, and eight kees for 28 points.

Ben Lisua is this year’s first player to score in all of Rocball’s scoring techniques. Ben has scored aces, xunks, kees, goals, and the most difficult play in Rocball, a one point defensive play where a front line player can “jam” down a served ball. Myron Laniyo of No-Mercy is one play away from earning Rocball’s Master Blaster title. Myron needs to score a “jam” to earn Master Blaster. :thumbup:

The Kagman Projects came, they saw, and they shocked the MHS Gym Rocball players and spectators with a never give up attitude and tenacity. The first year team from Kagman were up against one of the better veteran teams, One-Way with well established and respected players like J.R. Gechig, Rodney Rosario, Dean Mathew, Jordan Marciano, and Chris Yug. And, team One-Way had their way in the first three sets defeating the Projects 16 to 8, 16 to 14, and 16 to 14 and had a comfortable 12 point lead after the third set 48 to 13.

But, in each of the first three sets the Projects lost, they did lead One-Way at one or another in each set.
In order for One –Way to win the game, all they needed to do was win the fourth set by any margin of victory. The Projects, on the other hand, had what seemed an almost impossible task for a first year, high school student team to complete. In order to win the game, they would have to either win the fourth set by a thirteen point margin, or win the fourth set by any margin less than thirteen point s and force the game into overtime. Because, Rocball rules state, a team cannot win a quarter/set game in a losing set regardless of team scores after four sets of play.

And, the Projects did it the hard way. They almost scunked One-Way with a 16 to 1 win in the fourth set that gave them their 13 point margin and with another two extra points to spare, for a shocking up-set juice-out victory 52 to 49. The heavy of the game was J.R.Gechig with three aces, one kee and one goal for 11 points. Alfredo Guevara of the Projects was his team’s heavy hitter with one ace and four kees for 10 points, and teammate Josh Jones scored two aces and his team’s only goal of the game for 7 points.
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