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News release: I wrote a statement that rally point scoring scoring is for sissys and posted it for a volleyball forum on the internet. The original statement read as follows:

Is Volleyball’s rally point scoring for Sissys ?:

Give the serving team in volleyball closure and eliminate the two-point margin win rule. Volleyball had a balance of challenges when the serving team had set and game closure.

It doesn't make any sense to allow a set or game to be won if a team cannot serve a ball over a net. That kind of rule may be okay for tennis or ping-pong where rackets and paddles are used, but volleyball shouldn't have to be subjected to this kind of inactive and default system of closure.

Volleyball used to be a game where a team had to have the courage to serve a ball over the net and challenge their opponents for the score. In fact, volleyball used to be a game where a team couldn't score a point if a ball wasn't served over the net. And, a volleyball game couldn't be won unless the service team scored a point off a ball served over the net.

The existing rules of closure for rally-point scoring, has sissified the sport.

In response to the above statement, one or more rally point advocates posted their arguments supporting volleyball's rally point method of play and I responded.

Forum: Rally point scoring makes for better, more precise and consistent players.

Forum: If each player is accountable for their actions and plays by earning or losing a point they will become better ball players.

Feger: Players on the team in service, have the responsibility of securing the scoring advantages for their team. Players on the receiving team try to win service for their team for the scoring advantages of the serve, have no less an important objective. When teams understand that a set or game cannot be won without service, the importance of their individual skills and teamwork takes on more difficult and different tactical purposes.

Forum: Serving is a basic skill and I can understand an error if trying for placement or an advanced serves, but getting it over the net should not be an issue.

Feger: The serve is the catalyst of this sport. It is the one competitive feature of this team net sport that separates it from other team net sports. In table tennis, the serve involves two bounces for a game to get started and at least one bounce thereafter to maintain competition. In tennis, the serve involves one bounce for the game to get started and one or two bounces to maintain competition. Volleyball doesn’t need a bounce serve or any feature associated with a sport that has a bounce serve. The rally-point scoring system and the let serve h origins of play are imbedded in the two-bounce game.

Lets take out the ping-pong plays and put the courage back into volleyball. A team must serve the ball over the net and challenge their opponents for set or game point. If you are on the service team, this is when you want your best server in action. If you are on the receiving team, this is when you want your best ball handlers in position.

Forum: To many coaches overlook the value of the serve. Rally scoring lets the outstanding servers earn their place on the court.

I agree with the concept of incorporating offensive and defensive scoring, either team can score off the serve or during volley, but every serve need not be a point. With specific rules and under certain conditions, a penalty would be awarded for a bad serve.

I’m not a person to defend the side-out rules of play, But the side-out server had an immense responsibility to his teammates and their effort for winning a game. If a team in a game of side-out volleyball lost the serve, they give up the scoring advantage and the possibility of winning a set or game.

And, there is absolutely no reason why the service team of either system of play should not have set or game closure.

Once again, remarks that rally-point scoring makes better volleyball players, sound like a rote response. It isn’t a logical conclusion based on facts and its something that seems to have been memorized as a “learned knee jerk” reaction to avoid producing empirical evidence and clarification.

It is a well known fact, that the Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB), the world governing body of volleyball, did not develope or introduce offensive and defensive scoring in volleyball. In Canada, officials and coaches are arguing for service team closure under rally point scoring. And, in Arizona, a women's league is experimenting with two point backcourt scoring. It sounds and feels like Rocball is in the making to me.
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