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Default Rocball

Fanians top regular season

Veteran team Fanians topped the regular season of the 2009-2010 World Organized Rocball Community League with a 6-1 win-loss record.

Rookie team Kagman Projects gave a good account of itself in its maiden year in Rocball, coming in at second place after the eliminations with a 5-2 record.

Third place was a two-way tie between One Way and No Mercy as they both finished with identical 4-3 cards.

Ghasias Brothers, Soul Rebels, and Islanders, meanwhile, crowd themselves in fourth place with their 3-4 slates.

Rocball creator James Feger said only Fanians and Kagman Projects have slotted themselves for the playoffs with One Way and No Mercy needing a play-in game to determine third place.

The loser will then take on Ghasias Brothers with the winner playing the victor of the Soul Brothers-Islanders encounter for the fourth and final playoff spot,

In the Final Four, Fanians will be the top seed and will duke it out with the fourth place team, while Kagman Projects is the second seed and will square off against the third place team.

The winner of the semifinals will then play in the best-of-five championship for the 2009-2010 World Organized Rocball Community League diadem.

Playoffs will start in January after the outdoor version of Rocball at the Pacific Islands Club set from Jan. 1 to 3, 2010.

In other Rocball news, three players earned Master Blaster status for the season-Ben Lisua and John Nekaifes of Soul Brothers and Myron Laniyo of No Mercy.

Feger said the trio distinguished themselves after registering all five of Rocball's heavy hitting, multiple-scoring techniques.

Laniyo went on to average 22 points in heavy hits per game. Ben Pelisamen of Ghasias Brothers, for his part, scored a whopping eight goals for the season, which translated to an average of a goal a game.

Feger said the 2009-2010 season is also memorable because of how well Kagman Projects players have adopted to Rocball rules.

Kagman Projects are made up of volleyball players that helped Kagman High School win the inter-scholastic volleyball championship.

“The first-year Rocball players have learned well the rules of Saipan's indigenous sport and in the process stunned players and teams with their amazing come-from-behind victories and overtime wins,” he said

The Rocball SandBlaster Tournament will usher in the sport in 2010 and Feger is inviting Rocball and volleyball players alike for the competition.

There will be no entrance fee in the SandBlaster Tournament for teams that have at least one registered Rocball player. But those who don't have a Rocball player need to pony up $25. (Saipan Tribune)
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