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Soul Rebels vs Fanians

The Rocball season for 2010 will end in the best of three games between the Soul Rebels and the Fanians. On Saturday, 1/23/10, three games were played to determine which teams would face-off for Rocball’s title of world champion. In the playoff games, sets were 20 points each and played under the quarter/set system of game point.

In the first game, No-Mercy and One-Way played to break the tie for the fourth place position of the playoffs. And the winner of this game would go on to play the Fanians in the last game of the night, to determine the last team to make it into the championship games.

In the first set of the game between One-Way and No-Mercy, No-Mercy jumped off to a good start by winning the first set 15 to 11. But, One-Way would come back in the second set 16 to 14 and then dominate the last two sets of the game 18 to 3 and 15 to 6. One-Way won the last set of the game with a final score of 60 points to No-Mercy’s 38 and juice-out for the victory and the chance to play the Fanians to advance to the championship games.

In the second game of the night, the best new team to challenge Rocball’s rules of play for the year, the Kagman Projects, played against master blasters Ben Lisua, John Nekaifes, and the veterans of the Soul Rebels for chance to advance to the championship games.

The Soul Rebels came out hard in the first set and made a very strong statement by defeating the Projects in the first set 21 to 2. But, the Projects have been surprising Rocball teams all year and re-stated their legitimacy as Rocball players by winning the second set 22 to 12 and the third set 21 to 10.

By the end of the third set, the Projects had overcome their sluggish first set start and had gained the lead going into the fourth and final set 45 to 43. But, Ben, John, and the veterans of the Soul Rebels, rallied back with a hard series of plays and ended the Projects chances of making it into the championship games by winning the fourth set 21 to 9 and juicing-out for the win.

In the last game of the night One-Way came back after their victory over No-Mercy earlier in the day and challenged the Fanians for the last spot for next week’s best of three championship games.

The game between One-Way and the Fanians was a see-saw game in which each team won two sets each. One-Way won the first set 20 to 9 and the Fanians won the second set 20 to 6. The teams were evenly match and entered the third set with only a three game point; Fanians 29 and One-Way 26.

In the third set, One-Way edged out the Fanians 22 to 19. One-Way’s victory in the third set leveled out both teams at game points 48 to 48. This was a game in which there would be no overtime sets. Whichever team won the fourth set would automatically juice-out and advance to the championship games.

The Fanians came back in the fourth set and played as though there was no-way they were going to allow One-way to stop them on there-way for a chance to be Rocball’s number one team of 2010. The Fanians won the fourth set 22 to 12 and will play the Soul Rebels Saturday, 1/30/10 in the best of three games for Rocball’s Championship title.
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