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The Year of the Fanians

In Rocball "time-ology", it is the year of the Fanians. The Fanians who started out three years ago as the Try-Outs and changed their label to the Fanians have come in second place for their first two years playing Rocball. This year, they started out in excellent form by winning a ten year hiatus of beach Rocball, nd then defeated the Soul Rebels Saturday night, to become champions at the end of the first decade of the 21st century.

The Fanians made up of brothers Larry and Youme Sharry, and Julius and Tpyhoon Saito, and Jazz Rosokow, all from the island nation of Chuuk, are the current number one beach and indoor World Rocball Champions.

In the thirty year history since Rocball was first put into print, players and teams representing every major island culture and community in Micronesia have played Rocball. Rocball is as unique to the diversity of Micronesia as it is in introducing multiple-point offensive and defensive scoring, with unrestricted hitting and kicking, and vertical areas of play with goals at the end of each court in a volleyball-type sport.

The Fanians defeated the Soul Rebels in the first two games of the best two out of three games championship series. The Fanians juiced out in each game, defeating the Soul Rebels by outscoring them in game points and winning the fourth set of each game.

In the first game, the Fanians won sets one, three, and four 27 14, 26 25, 25 24. The Soul Rebels won the second set 27 24. The Soul Rebels had numerous opportunities to stop the Fanians from winning the first game in the fourth set, but shanked their chances in forcing overtime play with penalty serves that prevented them from winning the fourth set. The Fanians juiced the Soul Rebels in the first game, 102 to 84.

In the second and final game of the night, and after a four set hour long game, both teams took a small break to rest, get something to drink, and regroup. In the second game, it took the Fnainas another hour to complete the quarter/set rules of play for Rocball to finalize their dominance over the obstinate and unrelenting Soul Rebels.

The Farinas won the second game by winnings every set, 26 22, 27 18, 27 13, and 26 14. The Fanians outscored the Soul Rebels in heavy hitting with aces 28 17, xunks 4 3, kee 30 13, and goals 1 0. Ben Lisua of the Soul Rebels scored the only jam of the series.

The heavy hitters of the games were Jazz Rosokow of the Fanians with 4 aces, 1 xunk, 3 kees, and a goal in the first game and Larry Sharry of the Faninas who scored 2 aces, 3 xunks, and 5 kees in the second game.
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