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Rocball News Release

Saturday night at the Drug & Violent Free Safe Haven Program at the MHS gym, the Rocball Gorilla Games began their 2010 season. The first two teams to challenge each other in the winner take all game were the Never Back Down (DBD) and the Soul Rebels.

In the Rocball Gorilla Games teams play for a $50 cash prize. On Saturday night the NBD defeated the Soul Brothers in double overtime after losing the fourth set of regular play. NBD won the first three sets of the game 27 to 26, 25 to 20, and 26 to 15.

With a lead of 17 points going into the fourth set, NBD only had to win the set to win the game. But, the Soul Brothers jumped out to 12 to 3 lead with the help of Ben Lisua’s 4th and 5th goal of the game and went on to win set four 25 to 10.

At the end of four sets of play NBD had the game points to win the game but lost their chance to “juice-out” by losing the fourth set. In Rocball’s quarter/set system, the NBD couldn’t win a game in a losing set, regardless if they outscored the Soul Brothers in games points after four sets of play.

By winning the fourth set, the Soul Brothers forced the game into overtime. The NBD had the advantsge because they scored the most game points in four sets; NBD only needed to win one overtime set to win the game. The Soul Brothers who won the fourth set but scored less game points needed to win two overtime sets to win the game: Overtime sets are ten points or a goal, whichever comes first.

The Sould Brothers won the first OT 11 to 6 and brouht the game to a sudden death second OT set. All the points scored up to the 2nd OT set were worthless. Whichever team won 2nd OT won the game. And, NBD came out of their slump to hold off the Soul Rebels and the win the game 11 to 9.

Ben Lisua of the Soul Rebels was the “heavy hitter” of the game with 5 goals, and 5 kees for 25 points. Ben’s five goals in one game isn’t something that happens very often. Ben scored goals off the serve, from the “Kee” position as his team’s goalies scoring from the back court, and from within the ten foot line next to the net .

And, Ben is a threat playing defense. Ben is last year’s best player for scoring “jams”. A “jam” is when a player spikes down a served ball at the net. Ben jammed a serve playing in the exhibition game with the American Volleyball Pros in March.
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