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Come with me. Let's go to the place I am working at the moment...

There are a lot of workers. All of the workers get paid less then 11 dollars an hour. Many, if not most, get paid less than 9. Some, like me, are college students, who are just looking for a job to keep them busy in their free time. But others, though, are single mothers or have a family to support. (Others are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Others are middle aged men who don't know what they are doing with themselves.)

(None of the workers are full time, as the company doesn't want to give them benefits.)

What is going to happen to the kids' whose parents work 26 hours at this job? What kind of chance do they really have? They're going to grow up in a house where the mother has to work, and when she isn't, she can barely provide more than bare neccessities for him (or her). The kid grows up in low income housing. There are a lot of drugs and domestic violence in their neighborhood. Their schools are crappy. They really don't have anywhere to turn to. They aren't exposed to books or art at home.

And the former citizen of the Soviet Union who is in his 70s and is the nicest guy you will ever meet... this guy deserves more. He's so nice... all of the customers love him. Some of the old Russian jews who are customers come and chat in Russian with him and talk about the homeland.

Ahh! People deserve so much better!
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