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Default Unit Rankings

Guys let me know your feelings about this. I really can't see where they come up with some of these.

The Sporting News Unit Rankings


1. West Virginia
2. Michigan
3. Texas
4. Texas A&M
5. Southern Cal
Five others:
Boston College, California, Clemson, Georgia and Hawaii. Where the $#*^ is Arkansas?

1. Southern Cal
2. Oklahoma
3. Michigan
4. Georgia Tech
5. Maryland
Five Others:
Boise State,BYU,Oregon St.,Rutgers and Wisconsin

1. Texas
2. Penn State
3. California
4. Florida
5. Oklahoma
Five Others:
Hawaii, Louisville, LSU, Maryland and Southern Cal


1. LSU
2. USC
3. Wisconsin
4. Texas
5. TCU
Five others:
Arizona State, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Southern Miss. and Virginia Tech

1. USC
2. Virginia Tech
3. Texas
4. Penn State
5. LSU
Five others:
Boston College, Ohio State, Oregon State Southern Miss and TCU

1. Southern Cal (Jesus they are loaded)
2. Miami
4. Penn State
5. Oklahoma
Five others:
Auburn, Georgia, Rutgers, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin.
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