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Does the Sporting News get a kickback every time they mention Texas as well? I know they are a very good team, but being top 5 in the country at 4 of the 6 units they listed is a bit much.

I definitely agree about Arkansas, their RB's are ridiculous. Saw them in person at SEC Champ and Jones really impressed me. McFadden was banged up that game but still played really well. I have no idea how they aren't on the list at all, much less in the top 5.

I know a lot of you will say it is the Gator bias in me, but I think their receivers group should be higher. They had an extremely talented group already with Harvin, Caldwell, Ingram, Murphy, Fayson, and they added Deonte Thompson (#3 ranked WR) and Aaron Hernandez (#1 TE) to that group.

Penn State doesn't have anywhere near the depth that UF does, and while I don't pay a whole lot of attention to Pac-10 football, Cal only has DeSean Jackson from what I have seen. Maybe one of our west coast people could enlighten me to the rest of Cal's WR group.

That said, it's not like these are experts picking this list. It is just someone's opinion on the groups, just like if one of us decided to create the list.
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