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Hands down Pitt. I cant believe my Kings let Palffy get away and we signed Demitra. Crosby should make a pretty big impact and Lemieux, well he will be better than most even when he is 65. I'm not a big Gonchar fan but he should do very well with the new rules. The Penguins with the new rules I think are building the perfect team for them. Thats why I dont understand why the Flyers are going out and getting great big slow defensemen, the Flyers team would be great a few years ago. Then of course getting Leclair and Recchi gives then a couple true snipers as well as two great veterans to work with the young guys, lets not forget they still have alot of really good prospects from when they were getting rid of big contracts. I dont think Thibault is all that great but dont be surprised if Fleury starts showing what he can do this year. The Oilers would probably be second on my list or the Hawks. Chicago has improved dramatically but goaltending is a question mark. I also think the Flames got even better by adding Amonte and McCarty, they needed a sniper and a tough guy and they went out and got them. My Kings should be about the same, I would have rather had Palffy then both Demitra and Roenick, the Kings have alot of really good young players like Frolov, Cammalleri,Lehoux and especially Dustin Brown that I would like to see get bigger roles instead of getting Roenick and Demitra. The new CBA is great, its going to be a great competitive season.
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