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I agree with the masses: Pittsburgh by a country mile. Make no mistake, the Oilers made some tremendous moves, but they got older in doing so. The question, however, is "which team has improved the most?"

By the by, keep an eye out for Phoenix this season. Brett Hull and Curtis Joseph aren't exactly spring chickens, but they're still Brett Hull and Curtis Joseph. Along with signings like Petr Nedved, Mike Ricci, and a slew of young talent, the Coyotes could sneak up on teams. You don't think that Wayne Gretzky will have that team eating out of the palm of his hand? He's WAYNE GRETZKY! A friend of every veteran and the idle of every youngster.

SoCal, I'm also going to miss Ziggy big time. I was actually rather surprised that he split town after we had signed Demitra - the perfect compliment. I do, however, eagerly look forward to a Demitra, Roenick, Frolov line on the power play.
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