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Up here, and this is nothing like reliable, they're reporting (I don't know whose reporting they're stealing up here, I'll assume it's ESPN's) that he had a 9" gash in the back of his head, lost most of his teeth, broke his jaw, fractured a bone in his sinus area and injured both of his knees.

Pennsylvania stupidly repealed the motorcycle helmet law shortly after Big Ben was drafted. Everybody with a brain and an interest told Ben that cycling around helmet-less was stupid. But, he wanted to do it, and did.

It sounds like he needed to have seen pre-crash versions back to back with post-crash versions of Gary Busey, but it's too late now.

Personally, I'm glad he's alive.
As a Steelers fan, I'm glad that he won us one Super Bowl, and I'm sad that he may not ever do so again. (My uncle once wrecked one of his knees in a motorcycle accident; he used a cane to walk for three years. Sure, medicine is better now, but... both knees? Call me a pessimist for worrying that his football career is over.)
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