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Originally Posted by chiefsfan27 View Post
What if not singing Christmas songs (like "Holy Night") offends Christians as much as singing them offends you? Should'nt both be sung? It does offend me that a Holiday originaly celebrated as Christ's birth can no longer have anything to do with Christ. I don't want to pay to see that behaivor because I view it (no christ in christmas) as wrong. So why have we completley eliminated a certain set of beliefs and not just done both?

And why do tax dollars matter? I pay taxes and I want to hear Christ's name mentioned with Christmas.
Why can't you just enjoy YOUR holiday on your own time. Why does it have to be on public funded areas. What's wrong with church, or your own home. Public schools are secular. It wouldn't matter if it was a jewish song, a muslim song or a christian song. Public school is secular in nature. Why do you insist on making YOUR religion part of the public life. Why not just enjoy YOUR holiday in places where everyone is Christian i.e. CHURCH!!!!!
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