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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Nate, did you ever go back to school? I can't remember.
No, not yet. Life got in the way. Although, it's still an option I'm looking into...

Originally Posted by Marc View Post
I had a date with this chick from last week. Were going ice skating. She looked cute and were texting, it was good. Then I met her. Those pictures had to be years old because she was 20-30 lbs. chubbier. I was like WTF?! What a letdown. She should be ashamed for misleading guys like that.
Isn't that one of the dangers of online dating? People lie. And quit being so superficial!

Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Gotta another first date tomorrow night with 26-year-old chick (dang, older than I usually go).
And what's wrong with 26-year-olds? Then again, I went the other direction and married a 21-year-old.

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