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See, it's this kind of double talk nonsense that means nothing & goes nowhere. It's just a catch phrase to get off the topic at hand by trying to point out that something that's F'd-up is not as F'd-up as something else.

As far as maybe it's not the Government that's the problem but the people:

Of course it's the F'n people & last time I heard, that's exactly who the **** is running this Government.
My point was, it seems that we are doing pretty good when you look at the history of leadership in the world.

Can I ask you what kind of government you would support?

I ask, because I think some people would be unsatisfied, no matter who's in control.

We live in the most prosperous and peaceful soceity in the history of the world. All-in-all our government is pretty effective.

since I don't agree with you constantly answering any of the BS this Government pulls with an automatic attack on the Republicans while whitewashing & diminishing the Democrats.
Anyone who supports a major party is (fill in the blank).
Do yourself a favor, become your own savior.

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