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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
My point was, it seems that we are doing pretty good when you look at the history of leadership in the world.
That particular point can have some merit in the right conversation but when it's used to deflect the amazing historical failures by our Government, it loses any true meaning.

It's not a punchline to be used any time someone wants to distance themselves & their party choice using degrees of culpability.

Can I ask you what kind of government you would support?
See, everything that is F'd-up always seems to come down to that question. There are sooooo many instances that are based on the greed of the people in those positions of Government that it's not right to 'throw the baby out with the bath water' or act like anyone with dissatisfaction at the way things are currently being handled must want a different Government.

Instead it's time to put each & every key figure/politician/employee/etc.'s feet to the fire to get the system working. step back & see what a better running Government can do & go from there. However, until you ferret out/eliminate the waste/bloat of this Government, you'll never know.

I ask, because I think some people would be unsatisfied, no matter who's in control.
Another catch phrase...

You know what I'd love to hear? I'd love to hear a die hard Dem or Republican raking their guy over the coals, demanding to know why their loyalty should be expected & then following up with a grade system of their own & finding ways to vocalize it. Of course the average American doesn't do it cuz the majority of Politicians treat them like mushrooms & keep them in the dark & use so much political-speak/double talk to keep them unsure of what the game is that they end up just simplifying things like choosing 'the lessor of 2 evils' & not questioning/demanding more from that choice.

Politics are one thing but the basic premise 'for the good of the people' doesn't need a political background to understand it. Just cuz the parties are constantly at war with each other & trying to roadblock each other like it's their own little chess game doesn't preempt the public from howling from the rooftops & voting accordingly. If the public kept the heat on with issues, the parties would be forced into action more & the individual politicians would start to realize that the public's voice is getting louder.

Instead there's an issue here & there that gets all the attention like Heath Care as example. That's cuz all the Baby Boomers are getting up there in age & wield some influences of their own. See, still all about the votes, not the health of the country. I know...the end justifies the means & all but just using as a political ploy to get into office doesn't automatically mean success. I'll believe it when I see it.

Of course, the public's participation on that level is a far cry from happening but that shouldn't stop people who are fed up from bringing up the crap. Face it, you love the political competition talk so much that most of your time is spent, at least here on SC, Damning the Republicans while exonerating the Democrats. No one should be so secure in their party's moves that wholeheartedly that they don't bark about a lot of their moves.

You do it about the Bengals/Reds management but not the politicians who directly influence your life & future.

Now how F'd-up is that?

We live in the most prosperous and peaceful soceity in the history of the world. All-in-all our government is pretty effective.
The economy is in the crapper & sinker lower, we're ruled by the oil barons, unemployment's rising, millions are being foreclosed on, we spend billions each month in a war nobody wants, more & more businesses are moving overseas or out-sourcing, we can't keep our schools safe & are relying on armed teachers, etc.,etc., etc.

yep...prosperous & peaceful.

I think people should start looking back thru history for parallels to the 'greatest' societies & learn from their supreme arrogance & stupid moves. Look up the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great, the Mongol Empire, the Russian Bear, etc.

The USA hasn't been around that long to think they're invincible.

& people should start watching the use of "the greatest country in the world". We lost the identity of that phrase a loooong time ago & have been resting on our laurels while the rest of the world has been getting closer.

Anyone who supports a major party is (fill in the blank).
Just a defensive posture to act like your beliefs are being diminished.

Anyone who votes a major party can do so but if they attempt to put lipstick on their pig as tho that choice is not riddled with major problems in some of their delegates/effectiveness, they're just fooling themselves.

It's a system that is light years from not being heavily criticized.

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