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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post
Bound is a strong word. But I'm not going to play word games. By my definition-- who cares what my definition is-- and my understanding of what defines a third party, the Republican Party was at one point a third party, when it originally split from The Whig Party, which at that time was one of the two main parties. The Republican Party ran against the Whig Party in one election. I don't see how the technicality of that doesn't make it a third party, but I'm only going to lose a little bit of sleep over it.
My knowledge of this might be a bit cloudy... but....

Sometime in the mid 1800s the Whig party split into 2 parties - The Republicans and the American Party, better known as the "Know Nothing" movement.

The Whig party no longer existed. Instead, two factions of the former Whig party compete for dominance. One of those parties was bound to take over the role of the other major party.

Technically, they were a "3rd party," but for all intents and purposes, they were always the other major party.
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