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Default Re: Alexei Yashin's new contracts

Originally posted by Lappy
Take my word for it.You are angry.....

You told me in a post that you were an NYI fan,yet you have an Ottawa Sens logo under your name.What,couldn't find the NYI logo.
:lol: I keep telling you, I'm not angry!... I feel no difference towards Yashin than Alex Rodriguez.... they just aren't worth that much money... that's all. ...but if that's what you want to think, go ahead!!!!!!!

Also, I'd like for you to refer me to the exact post and web address of the thread that contains the lines of text where I said I was "an NYI fan." -- I'm a Senators fan for gosh sakes!!!!

Finally, no where did I say in my article that Haller was your best defenseman, but the fact remains that the best statistical way to rate a defenseman is by his plus-minus.... and Haller was the Islanders ONLY plus-rated defenseman... Haller will not going to be a corner-stone of a franchise, and, with that said, that just goes to show how weak of a defense the Islanders had last season.

As for your stats there, Lappy, and Josie2001... Let's have a looksie a bit closer to the stats......

NHL Seasons
1. Sundin (11)
2. Yashin (7)

Total Points in previous 5 NHL seasons
1. Sundin 398
2. Yashin 368

1. Yashin (40-48-88)
2. Sundin (28-46-74)

Points Per Game
1. Yashin (1.07)
2. Sundin (0.90)

Playoff years since 1997
1. Yashin (4 years, 26 games)
2. Sundin (3 years, 40 games)

Playoff points since 1997
1. Sundin (17-20-37)
2. Yashin (6-9-15)

Playoff points in Round One 2001
1. Sundin (2-2-4)
2. Yashin (0-1-1)

Points Per Game in Round One 2001
1. Sundin (1.00)
2. Yashin (0.25)

My point is, that if Yashin can put up over one point per game in the playoffs, why can't he make NEARLY that much in the playoffs????.... if someone wants him on their team, TAKE HIM!!... but don't be disappointed when he doesn't produce come April when it really counts.

Plus, he's bad news off the ice, no matter WHAT time of year.
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