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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
But should Billy Sims' patented "hang glide" move from the early '80s merit a nullification penalty? It would, under this rule, because he would typically start it before he actually crossed the goal line.
I'm with you on this one: I don't think plays should be nullified because of taunting; I think they should earn stiff yardage penalties assessed following the play.

Originally Posted by Anthony
That had nothing to do with why the commercial failed to air in the U.S. Rather, the ad featured a Bruno-type character, at least highly effeminate, if not overtly gay (and it was gay-rights groups that persuaded Snickers not to air it here).
I'm not familiar with the ad, but it sounds like this was a marketing decision by Snickers rather than a government-imposed decision based on political correctness or what constitutes offensive speech. It's a basic tenet of business that companies will abandon advertising techniques that do more harm (offending a segment of the population) than good.

Originally Posted by Anthony
And I see you haven't even commented on UFC 114 yet. I have - in a full-length article I have submitted for publication on this very site.
I'll post a few thoughts in the appropriate thread. I look forward to reading yours, as well.
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