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Where ever Griese ends up, it looks like we will have to wait til June. The trade scenarios you suggested Dave are highly unlikely, like you implicated, and I guess the feeling is he's staying put til June. No one wants to take on his contract, and even the desperate of the desperate are going to wait it out in my opinion.

Baltimore is a good guess, but is Billick willing to wait til June to get him? Parcells, if he really wants him, I think could wait it out. Arizona might actually get him cause their owners don't even give a damn about what happpens, but they won't pay him all that much, but if they are the only ones left in June, he may be stuck into going there.

I'm leary of Blake Dave, no matter where he is. He has one hell of an arm and a heart too. He's been a little inconsistant for my liking, but the stability of the Steelers may be all he's ever really needed. Who knows?

I just have a good feeling on Plummer Dave. Yeah, I know, he's got a rep as being color blind, but I think this move might get his blood pumpin' again. Hopefully it will. I forgot about Sanders, he's a good receiver too. Just like with Blake, a change may be all that stands in the way from becoming a really good qb.
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