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Tough question this early, but hey I will play the game.

Miami Cocaines vs. Texas Longhorns

Now I know I am gonna get some attention for that selection, since almost everyone knows a Mac Brown coached team can never win it all. Well I never said the Longhorns would win it all, for they won't, but they will play for the National Championship coming out of the brutal Big 12. Miami will steal the cake though, and the ice cream as well.

Other teams who I almost put in there to play Miami were....

Michigan, just because their schedule plays in their hands. They have Ohio State and Notre Dame at home this year. The don't play Penn State or Wisconsin as well.

Ohio State....This team would be a logical choice, but they play at Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan. Plus, OSU has games against Washington and N.C. State outside of the conference. I just don't see them getting through that schedule umblemished.

Oklahoma, well I would have OU in the National title game, but I am banking on Texas upsetting them this season.

Auburn, a great team this year, but with all the rivalries within the SEC, someone will trip them up.

USC has a great chance of sweeping through the Pac 10 without a loss, but I think Auburn gets them opening game.

Va Tech plays Miami, so that knocks them out.

K State has to play at Texas, so there is their downfall.

Now the bashing of my selection may

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