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33, how did I know you were going to pick But I think you have a good claim there. If we just look back at last season, Ohio State won it all with a good running game and excellent defense. Auburn, as you stated, will have both of those this season. Auburn will need their Qb to make the occasional play like Krenzel did for Ohio State last season.

Purple, I thought about putting Pitt in my first post, but I just don't think they are there as a program yet. I would love to see an underdog/dark horse like Pitt win it all though. Fitzgerald, while having to play 2 more seasons before he can enter the NFL, when he does enter the draft he should be either the #1 or #2 pick.

Va Tech does have the capability of beating Miami, but I am not sure Va Tech's defense will be near as good as it was in the late 90's. Kevin Jones is a wonderful tailback for the Hokies, but the Miami Cocaines have 2 great linebackers, all their secondary players coming back, and Frank Gore Kellen Winslow Jr on offense. I just don't think Va Tech can pull that off, but they almost upset Miami 2 years ago in Blacksburg. Hokie fans might be able to get them over the hump this year in that game.

If it did come down to Auburn vs. Va Tech, I would take Auburn in that game for no other reason than they are an SEC team, and the SEC needs to bring one home this year.

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