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I think Buck O'Neil had a point on this. He said economics was the biggest hurdle that blacks had to cross in baseball. Baseball requires a lot of room to play. It requires a lot of equipment to play. You have to have several people to play -- someone has to pitch, hit and retrieve the ball. Football requires less room to play as you can run nearly every play on a short field -- about 30 yards long. Basketball doesn't require a lot of equipment, all you need is a hoop and a ball. A guy can develop a great touch by shooting at the basket all evening.
What is the answer here? I'm not sure, but to say that Latin players are easier to control is not it.
And, by the way, if Sheff knows a lot of people that can outplay the guys currently in the bigs, he should notify his team's scouts to go sign them right away.
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Rest in Peace, Buck. You were truly a giant among men.
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