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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
You dislike Charlotte or what? Please elaborate. This should be interesting...
Sorry Marc for taking so long to respond. My family is from the Winston-Salem area, in fact part of the people who settled Wachovia in the 1700s. I love NC. I just think Charlotte is too full of themselves. They try to put a positive spin on everything and call their main business district UPtown. There are too many bible thumpers there. I never thought they had the great desire to be a first rate NFL town, and never remember them trying to land a team back when ST Louis, Baltimore, Houston, N.O. and others were trying to move. The did have a big tv market and population. I grew-up a Redskin fan and moved to Jacksonville just before the Panthers and Jaguars were formed. I felt the better fans were in Jacksonville but with less population and tv market size. During the race for teams, I thought Charlotte was a little condescending. I root for the Panthers more often than not, but I think Jacksonville was a bigger football town. Much better for golf too.
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