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Originally Posted by MountaineerDave View Post
I won't quibble with the golf comment. On being a bigger football town, however, I think the numbers are pretty opposed to that side of the argument.

In a totally unscientific googling of blackout nfl & panthers/jaguars, the most recent stories regarding either having potential TV blackouts surround the Jags. The most recent Panthers story I could find in just a few seconds search was from '02. The Jags were fighting TV blackouts LAST SEASON.

And who can blame Jacksonville? The Fighting Del Rios are just not a compelling bunch of guys. Garrard's a nice story, but a footnote at the end of the book. Taylor, a great running back in the history of the game, never seemed to carry the team when they needed him most.
And Del Rio. I want to like him, but he'll prove to be a better coach in his next job, I think. Which I expect him to accept for the '10 season.

Dave, I won't disagree with you on most of your points. I was talking about the reps of Charlotte and Jacksonville when they were awarded teams. Charlotte was as much a basketball town as anything else. Jacksonville has lost a lot of patience with the Jags of late, and the recent success of the Gators nearby has pulled some of the fans away from the Jags. I don't know what to think about Del Rio. I don't think the team improves much this year, and bet Del Rio may not be around for 2011.
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