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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Terrell Davis ended up having break away speed that Jennings does not have. The primary reason Davis came off the board so late is he played like 10 games in college. The same goes for Willie Parker who barely played at all at Carolina.

Jennings posted a 4.67 in his 40 at the combine so I would imagine some teams are writing off his success at the college level to playing against far inferior competition in comparison to what he would have faced had he stuck it out at Pittsburgh.

4.67? I thought it was 4.59.

That might explain why he lasted 250 picks; but what does "inferior competition" have to do with it? Did Brandon Jacobs play at a BCS school? And do weights and measurements differ in Lynchburg, Virginia from say, Ann Arbor, Michigan (6'2" and 235 pounds somehow being smaller at the former than at the latter)?
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